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John Mayer's PRS Silver Sky gets relic'd in Horizon red

(Image credit: The Guitar Sanctuary)

As if the new finishes announced at NAMM in January were not enough, you can now get the PRS JM1 Silver Sky John Mayer signature electric guitar in relic’d Horizon red.

Now, we know what you are thinking: a relic’d PRS? Very off-brand. And you would be correct. But the relic job is performed by the Guitar Sanctuary in Texas, who add another $400 (approximately £326) to the list price for their troubles.

What do you think? Is $2,699 (£2,220-ish) a fair price for a distressed finish on a guitar that was only introduced to the market in the last couple of years?

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(Image credit: The Guitar Sanctuary)
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(Image credit: The Guitar Sanctuary)

Either way, what you get is the JM1 playability and tone, of course, which goes for a ball-park early 1960s Stratocaster vibe.

This new relic’d option only adds to the heat and buzz that has surrounded the Silver Sky since it was first introduced – the sight of a PRS headstock, and reversed at that, on a guitar with an S-style silhouette was always going to divide opinion on gear forums.

A relic’d Silver Sky? Wowzers! Well, the rank and file of the PRS ownership club would definitely have something to say about that. But if that’s your thing, head to Guitar Sanctuary and place an order.

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