Joe Bonamassa tries Peter Green's Gretsch White Falcon: "You can play blues on anything"

Joe Bonamassa
(Image credit: Guitarist magazine / YouTube)

Joe Bonamassa has more than enough electric guitars for any occasion but he knows as well as anyone it's about the player first. So when Guitarist asked him to try out two of the late Peter Green's guitars – including a 1968 Gretsch White Falcon and a 1931 National Duolian – they asked him if he thought it was  slightly unusual that the bluesman chose the former.

"You can play the blues on anything," replied Joe in the video above. "Son Seals played blues on a Guild. Muddy Waters played blues on a Guild. Bobby Parker, the legendary blues guys who has since passed away… he was this stone cold bluesman. And he showed up with a Dimebag Darrell [guitar] by Dean with the headstock modified. He ripped into the blues and he didn't care."


"That's the cool thing about the blues - you can play it on anything," added Joe. "That's why I love the fact Kirk Hammett has the [Greeny] Les Paul, he's playing his music on that guitar. The Les Paul shouldn't just be a blues guitar, and the Gretsch shouldn't just be a rockabilly guitar. You can play anything on any guitar – as long as it works and it's loud.

Amen to that! Though we can't imagine our neighbours agreeing with the last part. 

But the special Greeny issue of Guitarist magazine featuring Joe Bopnamassa and Kirk Hammett here. Both the guitars Joe plays in the video are part of a Bonhams auction of Peter Green guitars taking place 16-18 June in London. More info at Bonhams and check out our preview of the lots here

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