“Jump on the fuzz bus!”: Jam Pedals launches the Fuzz Phrase Si – a dynamic, handmade tribute to a two-knob classic packing BC107 silicon transistors

Jam Pedals Fuzz Phrase Si
(Image credit: Jam Pedals)

Here’s a cool new fuzz pedal for your Friday consideration: it’s called the Fuzz Phrase Si, it’s from Greek guitar effects pedal brand Jam Pedals, and if it sounds familiar that’s because it is a silicon version of the company’s germanium edition of the pedal.

And of course a name Fuzz Phrase is sure to ring some bells. It’s not like Jam Pedals is going to great lengths to hide where the source of inspiration for this unit comes from, with this fuzzbox offering a similarly straightforward two-knob layout as one of electric guitar’s pedalboard fundamentals, the hallowed Fuzz Face.

Where the Fuzz Phrase Ltd used the much coveted CV7003 germanium transistors, a component now officially on the endangered species list, Jam Pedals settled upon the BC107s silicon transistors after a “meticulous” testing period.

The BC107 has its own history with the Fuzz Face, and it takes its place in a circuit that “encapsulates the rich harmonic profile and dynamic response” of the previous Fuzz Phrase. Jam Pedals promises a fuzz voicing that cleans up nicely according to playing dynamics and your guitar’s volume control, which is the sort of quality feted in germanium units.

“It strikes a perfect balance between sought-after tonal characteristics, long sustain across the register and ‘clean-ability’ rivalling the best vintage germanium fuzz circuits,” says the company.

Nice. And being silicon, presumably it is more resilient to fluctuations in temperature. As to the operation of this pedal, it couldn’t be more simple.

There’s a Level control that adjusts output level. Gain dials in how much gain is in the signal. And between the two controls, your guitar amp and guitar, there is plenty of territory to explore. 

Further tweaking is available via an internal trimpot that adjusts the bias. It is set at 4.5V upon leaving the factory.

The enclosure graphics are cutesy cartoon Woodstock and very cool, and just before you say ‘That’d look good on a T-shirt,’ Jam Pedals is way ahead of you – yours for £14 with any purchase. There’s also a guitar picks bundle (£9). 

But just because it cleans up nice, and the artwork is all peace and love – the “fuzz bus” a VW Camper driven by friendly peacenik – doesn’t mean the sounds coming out of the Fuzz Phrase Si are all housetrained. It can split the sky with a squeal when you need it to. And by the sounds of the demo video it plays nicely with a wah pedal too, which is helpful if you want to get in that Jimi Hendrix zone.

The Fuzz Phrase Si is available now, priced £159 (excluding VAT). It’s true bypass and takes 9V from a battery or pedalboard power supply, drawing 3mA. For more details, head over to Jam Pedals.

Jonathan Horsley

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