Jack adds Bluetooth capability to any headphones

We’re sure that not everyone will want to turn their cherished wired headphones into Bluetooth ones, but if you like the sound of that idea, Podo Labs is coming to your aid with its Jack adapter.

Operation is simple: plug your cans into this small, portable gizmo and you’ll then be able to receive audio from your Bluetooth-capable audio device (phone, tablet, laptop etc). Battery life is said to be 12 hours, and the Jack supports the aptX standard for better-quality sound.

You can also sync two Jacks so that they can receive audio from the same Bluetooth source, or plug a Jack into a non-Bluetooth audio source (your TV, for example, or anything with a standard Aux output) and use that to transmit to the Jack that you’ve got your headphones plugged into.

It looks like a pretty elegant solution all round, though it should be remembered that your headphones will still be ‘wired’ in the sense that you’ll need to plug their cable into the Jack rather than your phone.

Jack has already smashed through its funding target on Kickstarter, but you can still make a pledge. There’s a Valentine’s Day ‘Singles Special’ deal that’ll get you a device for $25; the next best offer is $29. The regular price is predicted to be around $40, with the first wave of Jacks expected to arrive in June 2017.   

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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