iZotope launches RX10 and Ozone 10, promising cutting-edge audio repair and mastering technologies

iZotope Ozone 10
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iZotope has unveiled RX 10 and Ozone 10, the latest versions of its flagship audio repair software and mastering suite. Both are said to be more ‘intelligent’ than ever before, with AI doing an increased amount of heavy lifting if you want it to, though there’s still plenty of scope to personalise the results.

RX 10 is dedicated to cleaning up audio in both music and post production situations, and features a rebuilt Repair Assistant plugin. This will automatically identify problems and propose fixes, which you can modify as you wish.

There’s also a new dynamic adaptive mode in the De-Hum module, which promises to remove unwanted interference automatically, while upgraded spectral recovery is here to add life to thin-sounding audio that you may have captured on your mobile phone or other lower-end recording device.

Other highlights include selection feathering for smoother edits and support for Macs with Apple silicon chips.

Moving on to Ozone 10, this marks the arrival of the Stabilizer module - an intelligent and adaptive mastering EQ. It’s designed to give your mix a “clear, natural tone,” while also taming problem resonances, removing harshness and smoothing transients.

If you want to add punch and space, you can try the Impact module - a ‘microdynamic’ controller that offers four sliders that work across different frequency bands. There’s also an improved Master Assistant, which makes it easier than ever to match your mix to a trusted reference file or hit song, while the Magnify Soft Clip setting in the Maximizer module is designed to boost loudness while maintaining audio quality.

We should also mention the Recover Sides feature; new to the Imager module, this promises to maintain stereo information in mono and preserve depth and power when narrowing a problem frequency.

Again, there’s Apple silicon support, and a refreshed look and feel for the GUI.

RX 10 is available now in Advanced, Standard and Elements formats for the introductory prices of $799, $299 and $99 respectively (these prices will rise to $1,199, $399 and $129 after 11 October). Ozone 10 Advanced and Standard will be released on 13 September for the introductory prices of $299 and $199 (prices of $499 and $249 will apply after 20 October).

Find out more on the iZotope website.

iZotope RX 10

(Image credit: iZotope)
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