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It turns out that Google Wear OS smartwatches contain a secret drum machine

Google Wear drum machine
(Image credit: Future)

You probably didn’t buy your smartwatch planning to make music on it - particularly, it has to be said, a Google-powered smartwatch - but it turns out that high-tech timepieces that run the company’s Wear OS contain a hidden drum machine.

9to5Google reports that this can be activated by going to the Flashlight app, then using a double-tap and hold gesture. A flash of colours should then appear - though it seems that this doesn’t work every time - followed by the drum machine.

This comprises a 4x4 grid of circles that can be used to sequence your beats. Different colours represent different sounds: blue is a kick drum, teal is a snare, purple is a cowbell and red is a hi-hat.

It’s not a particularly sophisticated tool - and your watch will need to have a built-in speaker or be connected to Bluetooth headphones in order to hear anything - but it certainly looks like fun.

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