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Front cover of Computer Music magazine featuring images of the new Logic for iPad software and Ableton's new Push device
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In August's Computer Music (CM323), the rulebooks are being rewritten: as Logic finally hits the iPad and Ableton's latest Push breaks free from the laptop, we get stuck straight in with our verdicts. Is it really time to ditch your mouse and keyboard… or is this new tech all smoke and mirrors? 

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Cover of Computer Music magazine, showing the new 'computerless' options released by Ableton and Apple - Logic for iPad and Ableton's new Push device

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Free Stuff!

Sharing headline spot this month is our incredible freebie offer: Bitwig Studio 8-Track is a fully-fledged DAW in all but track-count. Grab your own copy, free with this issue, and get to know why a growing elite of artists have flocked to this highly creative alternative to the big DAW names.

Inspiring Workshops

Do you long for more complex sounds… if only the mechanics of wavetable synthesis didn’t leave you out at sea? This issue we dive deep into this much talked about expressive technique, with our usual range of tutorials and buyers’ guides. And in our monthly column we've got more bite-sized workshops on creating '80s-style synth stabs and how to tame distortion. 

People & Places

Arkansas duo Joan are one of a new crop of guitar-loving acts who are equally at home behind a mixing desk; we sat down with them to learn some of their studio secrets. Meanwhile Ninja Tune remix king Nathan Fake talks two decades of "doing his own thing".

Cover of Computer Music magazine (August) with the Bitwig 8-Track offer page open)

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Trusted Reviews

We give our verdicts on the latest releases on the market, including: Ableton Push 3, Apple Logic on iPad, Bitwig Studio 5, DH Plugins Halo 2, Caelum Audio Choric, Spitfire Audio Abbey Road High Percussion, UJAM Beatmaker Circuits and more.

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Get over 70 FREE plugin instruments and effects…
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