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If you buy a Korg Monologue in September you’ll get a Volca Kick free (but only if you live in the US)

Some ‘buy one, get one free’ offers can feel a bit dubious, but Korg’s new synth deal is great whichever way you slice it. It’s a pretty simple proposition: if you buy a Monologue synth during September, you get a Volca Kick for free.

We rate these machines highly, and with both of them in your arsenal you’ll have every opportunity to create a throbbing low-end comprising beefy kicks and a powerful bassline.  

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Given that the Monologue retails for $299 and the Volca Kick goes for $175, this is a cracking offer. For less than 300 bucks you’ll get two superb synths.

The only downside is that only those who live in the US can take advantage of this deal. Head on over to the Korg US website to find out how.