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How fast can you recreate a drum pattern? Test yourself in SoundGym’s BeatRace

You may be working on your beach body right now - easy on the carbs, big guy - but ear-training platform SoundGym is more interested in helping you to hone your beatmaking skills. Its new BeatRace strand includes training, games and hourly competitions.

Sign up for a free account and you can start by creating and sharing beats using the online drum machine (11 classic kits come included). If you want to really feel the burn, though, you’ll engage in a daily training workout that’s designed to enhance your rhythm-crafting know-how.

This involves stepping up to a series of challenges. You might be asked to recreate a drum pattern from scratch, identify BPM and swing values and pass levels. There are also hourly challenges - the fastest person to recreate a particular beat wins the race.

If you want to start working up a rhythmic sweat, join the BeatRace on the SoundGym website.

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