Hot new audio interfaces for 2021

(Image credit: Audient)

GEAR EXPO 2021: Getting audio successfully inside your computer might not be the most glamorous of studio tasks but doing so with clarity and quality is 100% essential.

The latest audio interfaces do the job with style, class, ease of use and previously undreamt of studio-style sound. Here's our pick of the latest.

Audient iD4 and iD14 MKII

Audient’s iD4 and iD14 are two of the best budget audio interfaces on the market and now there are MKII upgrades to make them even better.

The MKII revisions provide more features and improved performance and bring both  into line with Audient’s higher-end iD44.

Both interfaces now provide 126dB of dynamic range on the DACs and 120dB on the ADCs, so you should get improved recording and output quality. There’s also USB 3.0 connectivity, which offers bus powering via a USB-C port. The iD14 MKII gets dual headphone outputs and two extra line outputs, too.

iD4 MKII  £138, €149, US$199. iD14 MKII £199.99, €229, US$299.To find out more visit

Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core

Antelope Audio is bringing its Synergy Core technology to a more compact and affordable audio interface in the form of the Zen Go Synergy Core.

This 4-in/8-out device is USB-C bus-powered and includes two discrete “console-grade” mic preamps. We're promised superior AD/DA conversion, with converters that offer up to 127dB of headroom, and 24-bit/192kHz performance.

The Zen Go also comes with 37 Synergy Core effects, which can be used in real-time. Processing of these is carried out on your interface, freeing up CPU and RAM resources, and latency when monitoring, tracking or mixing is said to be imperceptible.

The supplied effects library includes compressors, EQs, mic preamps, guitar amps and cabs, and more effects can be added as paid-for expansions.

Yours for $499/€499. Find out more on the Antelope Audio website.

M-Audio M-Track Solo and Duo

There are cheap audio interfaces, and then there are M-Audio’s new M-Track Solo and Duo audio interfaces, which cost just £40 and £50 respectively.

Designed for people who want to get into the world of computer-based recording and production without breaking the bank, each of these 2-channel interfaces includes M-Audio’s Crystal preamp design and a +48v phantom power option. There are also headphone outputs, main outputs and direct monitoring options.

Throw in some software and you’ve got two tempting beginner packages. Check out the specs below and head to the M-Audio website to find out more.