Here are 5 videos that hilariously reimagine the Phil Collins In The Air Tonight fill

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Whether it’s being referenced in Eminem’s stalker anthem, Stan, that famous chocolate advert, or the viral reaction video earlier this year, Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight is a perennial classic that has has had a boomerang-like knack for always coming back. 

Since finding its way back to the charts briefly this summer, In The Air Tonight finds itself in the headlines once again, as Phil Collins has issued Donald Trump with a cease and desist order earlier this week. 

Following the President’s unauthorised use of the song during a rally in Des Moines Iowa on the 14th October, Phil’s legal representatives made a statement to Consequence Of Sound, noting their disapproval.

“Yes we are well aware of the Trump campaign’s use of this song and we have already issued a ‘cease and desist' letter via our lawyers who continue to monitor the situation.”

With a drum entrance that makes the Eastenders cliff-hanger pale in comparison, we defy anyone who doesn’t immediately attempt to air-drum Phil’s most famous drum fill. 

The single bar that takes the song from a brooding, minimal ballad into an air-drumming classic has had multiple re-imaginings over the last few years. So, here, we’re celebrating five brilliant uses of In The Air Tonight fill!

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1. In Deer Air Tonight

We’re not entirely sure why this deer getting stuck on a child’s slide is so funny, but it just is, and the 6 million people who have watched it on YouTube-alone seem to agree. As you can see, Bambi styles it out and struts off with confidence, seemingly unscathed. 

2. In The Chair Tonight

When David Joseph sat down to film a video of himself playing the guitar, he couldn’t have imagined that he’d end up a viral sensation. If you’ve played and replayed the original to death, check out how it sounds when his stumble is set to In The Air Tonight. 

3. In The Stairs Tonight

Ok, let’s not forget that this person has taken a nasty fall, brought to a perfect cadence as they skid across the polished floor. Unlike the seemingly oblivious onlooker, we can only hope that this un-witting viral star made a full recovery. But still…what a drum fill.

4. Bin The Air Tonight

As above, we must highlight the fact that a kid 'crashing' their bike into a set of bins is no laughing matter. However, the fact that someone heard the bins fall over and immediately thought of Phil Collins is. Set-up or not, it's a stark reminder to always wear a helmet. 

5. No Drum Kit Required

When you’re bored at home during the lockdown, what better activity to take part in than a Tik-Tok challenge. Here, a kitchen is repurposed into a make-shift percussion instrument? The performance is almost as triumphant as the expression of a good job well done.

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