Phil Collins: viral In The Air Tonight reaction video puts the song back in the charts

From the Cadbury's Gorilla to being referenced by Eminem on Stan, or the use of the Roland CR-76 or simply that drum sound, Phil Collins’ 1981 hit has no shortage of talking points. 

But now Phil Collins’ air-drumming anthem has found its way back in the iTunes singles chart after a reaction video has caused a surge of streams of the song.

Twin 22-year-old brothers, Fred and Tim Williams recorded and uploaded the video - entitled, FIRST TIME HEARING Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight - on 27 July. 

While the extended intro and quieter verses play through, the brothers liken it to a “WWE ring entrance” and that Phil’s cover photo feels like he’s “Staring into my soul!”.

Fred and Tim continue to enjoy and react to Phil’s vitriolic verses, but it’s predictably when the explosive drum fill kicks-in at 4:56 that the two really get excited.

The Williams brothers’ reaction video has gone on to rack up over 4.7 million views (and no-doubt still climbing), which sent In The Air Tonight hurtling to No.2 in the iTunes singles chart yesterday - perhaps frustratingly matching the song's original peak chart position. 

After an initial surge, it’s currently sat in the No. 25 slot, so we're not sure it will rival Phil's 31-week chart run from 1981. But still, it's not bad for a song released 39 years ago! 

Stuart Williams

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