Have you tried Heardle, the musical Wordle?

(Image credit: Heardle)

For many people, we're now living in a Wordle World, with the daily 5-letter word finding puzzle having gone, as they say, viral this year. 

 Enough flannel, already. Give Heardle a go now at heardle.app.

If you haven't tried it (really?), Wordle - famously snapped up by the New York Times for a 'six-figure' sum - challenges you to discover a word in six attempts or under, letting you know when you have a correct letter and if it's in the right place. It's easier to try Wordle than explain it... 

Perhaps inevitably, a slew of spin-off takes on the idea have appeared, including the brilliantly absurd Letterle, and the Bit Rude Lewdle. Now, the musically inclined amongst us have the variant we deserve. Heardle is basically a chopped up version of that Zoom quiz staple, the name the intro round.

Every day, a new song is featured, and the goal is to name it while listening to as little of it as possible, with each failed guess or pass revealing a couple more seconds of intro. That's it. Like Wordle, simple but compelling. Good luck!

Give it a go now at heardle.app.


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