Have Retronyms and Cycling ‘74 created “the ultimate looper” for iOS?

Billed as the ultimate loop recording/performance system for iOS, well-regarded iOS developer Retronyms has unveiled Looperverse, a combination of an app and a wireless stomp pedal. This is the result of a lengthy collaboration with Cycling ‘74, which is famed for its open-ended Max/MSP software.

At the heart of Looperverse is a 16-track loop recorder, and the workflow is similar to that of many other looper products. You can layer up grooves on the fly, adjusting sends to the built-in delay/reverb effects and mixing as you go. However, Looperverse also offers an array of editing features, such as “advanced” waveform editing, pitchshifting, timestretching and live reverse. There’s support for different time signatures, too, and you can export audio stems so that they can be developed in your DAW. 

You can use Looperverse standalone, but it also enables you to record other iOS instruments via Audiobus and Inter App Audio and supports Ableton Link. The Looperverse Bluetooth pedal, meanwhile, offers six switches that are pre-mapped to undo, redo, clear, tap tempo, record and playback, leaving your hands free for playing. These switches can be re-mapped if you wish; the pedal can be used with other apps, too, and supports MIDI Learn.

The Looperverse app is available now from the Apple App Store priced at £9.99/$9.99, and the pedal can be ordered from the Retronyms website for $200.   

Looperverse app features 

  • Advanced 16 track loop recorder
  • Time stretching and pitch shifting for scenes, tracks, and segments
  • Delay and reverb send effects
  • Built in mixer with pan, gain, mute, and solo
  • Advanced waveform editing
  • Snap to grid or transient for extensive editing
  • Advanced time signature support
  • Tap tempo
  • Stem export for DAWs
  • Reverse songs or musical segments in real time while recording or playing back
  • Extensive undo/redo
  • Audio triggered record
  • Play scene with keyboard
  • IAA, Audiobus and Ableton Link support
  • MIDI and MIDI learn support
  • AudioCopy and AudioPaste support

Looperverse pedal features 

  • Premium quality powder coated aluminium enclosure
  • Low latency Bluetooth MIDI interface
  • Six premium quality steel switches
  • Pre-mapped and fully customisable
Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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