Watch Rage Against The Machine rehearse for their LA Rising show

No Red Bulls needed when Rage jams!
No Red Bulls needed when Rage jams!

Speaking to MusicRadar last month, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello cited the band's free performance at Finsbury Park in London last year as one of his best gigs ever. No doubt he's hoping to add the group's upcoming LA Rising show high on his list.

While prepping for the massive concert, scheduled for 30 July at the LA Coliseum (there will also be full sets by Muse, Lauryn Hill, Rise Against and others), Rage have been making a series of so-called 'Guerilla Videos' showing them working...and sometimes not working. in the above clip, we see the band power their way through Freedom.

In addition, they answer the long-standing musical question: Who would made the better wide receiver, frontman Zack de la Rocha or bassist Tim Commerford?

Although the LA Coliseum has its place in rock history - the stadium was the site for the concert that was immortalized in the 1972 film Wattstax, and has seen icons such as Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, The Who and U2 stage memorable shows there - sports weren't far from Morello's mind when he described the bill for the LA Rising gig: "Bring your picnic tables - gonna be a lot of heated touch football activity on July 30th out here. Rage Against The Machine and Muse head to head. In the title match, Immortal Technique and El Gran Silencio will be going for the Golden Cup."

If you ask us, this sounds like one show where everybody wins.

Joe Bosso

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