U2 and Cher fan ordered to destroy record collection

Who has the biggest hair?
Who has the biggest hair?

A Welsh Magistrates' Court has granted an application to destroy a Cher fan's record collection and stereo equipment following a series of nuisance noise offences.

Karl Wiosna, from Graig in South Wales, admitted breaching a noise abatement order at Rhondda Magistrates' Court, where he was fined £200 plus £50 costs in addition to the confiscation and destruction of his music collection and hi-fi equipment.

Environmental heath officers set up recording equipment in a neighbour's house following a string of complaints about Wiosna playing music at "unacceptable levels".

According to a UK tabloid, Wiosna repeatedly played Cher's '90s hit Believe, while on one occasion, Wiosna was playing music so loud that environmental heath officers were able to pick out the lyrics of Cher and U2 songs from a neighbour's living room.

Possibly in an attempt to claw back some credibility, Wiosna claimed: "It wasn't just Cher, I used to play heavy metal too." A neighbour told UK tabloid The Sun: "The noise was unbearable. It was like a drag queen's party."

(via The Sun)

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