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The world's greatest five-year-old drummer

Last year at the NAMM Show, we brought you 10-year-old drumming sensation Isiah Ulysses. Great as Ulysses is, he must now make way for the younger generation. Behold Jonah Rocks.

Jonah, you see, is five. Yes, you read correctly: he's five.

Check out the video below in which Jonah absolutely rules System Of A Down's Toxicity. Stunning? You bet. His fills, timing, control, ghost notes - the kid's unreal. And look at that smile, too. That's the smile of a drummer who knows he's hot. This guy is going to have his pick of bands to play with. By like, next week.

In other words, Taylor Hawkins, Josh Freese, Chad Smith...Jonah Rocks is coming for you, and there's nothing you can do about it.