The best of YouTube: #33


Holy priceless collection of videos, Batman! You can play guitar? Who knew. Welcome to this week's best of YouTube

Michael Leonard's choices

Doug Wimbish does crazy shit on bass
Wimbish was part of the original house band for hip-hop's Sugarhill Records in the late '70s and has since played with Tackhead, Living Colour, Jeff Beck, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, George Clinton, Mos Def and scores more. Here he is (backed by Living Colour's Will Calhoun on drums), doing his unfathomable thang on bass + tons of FX. What a show off! ML

The 11 year-old 'Beatle'
I first picked up a guitar aged 12. And it took me probably a year to play a decent four-chord song. South Korea's Sungha Jung is way ahead. It's not perfect (hey, he's only 11 here) but this is impressive. I hope he's studying hard, just in case the guitar playing doesn't work out, ha. ML

Chris Vinnicombe's choices

Noel Gallagher performs There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
This audience video from a Teenage Cancer Trust gig in 2007 sees the Oasis star paying tribute to fellow Mancunian indie legends The Smiths. Although the audio quality isn't great, the string-augmented acoustic arrangement sounds very nice indeed. Can we have a proper release please? While we're at it, this stripped down version of Listen Up from the acoustic tour that Noel and Gem did to promote the Oasis 'best of' Stop The Clocks in 2006 is also very nice. Can we have a live album compiled from these dates please? CV

Johnny Marr talks guitars
Continuing the theme, here's the former Smiths guitarist interviewed backstage before a Modest Mouse gig in 2007 talking all things Fender; Super Reverb amps, Jaguar guitars and even guitar stickers. And here's Marr back in the eighties, performing Bigmouth Strikes Again with The Smiths on The Old Grey Whistle Test. CV

Joe Bosso's choices

First Aid Kit perform a cover of Tiger Mountain Song
Voices can be instruments too, especially in the case of First Aid Kit, comprised of winsome Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg. But don't let their ages (15 and 17, respectively) fool you - they sing like two wisened canaries, weaving harmonies that are by turns soothing, soaring and spellbinding. They're like stars in the sky that go twinkle, twinkle and then shoot off for places unknown. Here they pay tribute to one of their favorite bands, Fleet Foxes. JB

Chad Smith plays a dramatic drum solo
I've got to give big-ups to this week's MusicRadar podcast interview subject, Chad Smith, in which he takes those two dreaded words, "drum solo," and banishes them from the language. Beyond his poetic hi-hat work and the thrilling manner in which he throws his entire body into his performance is his sense of theme and composition. He's not just whacking skins and copper, he's telling a story. So sit back and let the narrative fill your senses. (And yes, the stick trick he does at 9:26 is quite sick indeed.) JB

Ben Rogerson's choices

Make a paper CD case
I chucked all my plastic CD cases in a skip several years ago, but just occasionally, I still need one. The concept of a paper sheath appeals to me: it's eco-friendly and, crucially in these challenging financial times, cheap. What's more, there's something strangely mesmerising about a man folding a sheet of A4 to the sound of the pan pipes. BR

How to play the Batman theme
Neal Hefti, who wrote the iconic theme from the original Batman TV series, passed away this week - why not celebrate his most memorable musical moment by learning to play it? Alternatively, watch a bloke dressed as Batman not playing it very well. BR

Mike Goldsmith's choices

Volcano! Africa Just Wants To Have Fun'
Despite our esteemed Managing Editor saying they're a bit too bloody Stump for his liking, Chicago-based indie-prog types Volcano! are speaking to this journo on a Deerhoof-meets-a-silly-Muse level with their new LP for ace Leeds label Leaf, Paperwork. There are a few live vids over on their YouTube channel plus check out the songs streaming on their MySpace - but whatever you do, don't let this actually rather bloody stupid promo put you off an ace new band and an ace song. Vampire who? MG

Hot Chip: One Pure Thought
I love Hot Chip. I love their singles, their albums, their remixes, their covers, their choice of sweatshirt and their choice of guest-star. Hell, I even still manage to love Over and Over despite having approximately 7,000 bloody freshers 'lay back' on me the last time I saw them live. I love them slow, I love them fast and I'm sure I'll love the surprise new solo album by lead singer Alexis Taylor which I've just this second ordered. Until that turns up in the post though, I'll love watching this promo of last single One Pure Thought. And if you don't like Hot Chip? Here's a video of some monkeys working in a restaurant. Cool or what? MG

Tom Porter's choices

Coldplay featuring Jay-Z - Lost+
So, is this the rock/rap crossover to end them all? Er, no. Essentially, it's the album version with Jay-Z popping-up halfway through to rap over a guitar solo. More Jay, less prog, please. TP

More Green Day and Butch Vig in the studio
The second instalment of barely-audible studio teasers went up yesterday. Last time, we stuck our necks right out on the line by claiming to hear a Muse-esque guitar solo. This time, if that bass line toward the end (0.47) isn't ripped straight from Guns Of Brixton, I'll eat my monitor. TP

Chris Wickett's choices

Homemade Totem tonewheel
A truly fantabulous invention from Dutch inventor Gijs Gieskes. Tonewheel synthesis is the principal Hammond organs use to generate sound. See how it works here - and be sure to check out his Acid Machine, too. CW

(via Music Thing)

Keith Jarrett playing solo
I think Keith Jarrett is one of the best pianists ever. If you don't agree, though, you'll still enjoy this clip - you can just laugh at the noises he makes whilst playing. CW

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