The best of YouTube: #15

MIDI-controlled microwaves may be pointless, but they're pretty cool
MIDI-controlled microwaves may be pointless, but they're pretty cool

Every week MusicRadar trawls YouTube to bring you the greatest, funniest, weirdest and most interesting music clips and videos on the internet. This week there's Coldplay, Pirates Of The Caribbean and a MIDI-controlled microwave.


1. Coldplay's Viva La Vida
Jimi Hendrix famously played The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band live only three days after the song's release in 1967. Here's the 2008 equivalent: tribute band The Coldplayers with a great version of Viva La Vida, already.

2. The world's fastest picker
This guy reckons he's the world's fastest picker. Warning: 'music' not featured.

3. The world's youngest bluesman
They say the blues is an old man's game. Try telling 8-year-old Tallan Latz.

4. Pirates Of The Caribbean on acoustic guitar
Worked out by ear, too. Impressive.

5. Slide guitar with a spoon
Can't find a bottleneck to play slide guitar? Use a spoon, of course.


1. The MIDI-controlled microwave
Can you set a corn dog cooking using a MIDI keyboard? Of course - this is the internet, after all (via Synthtopia).

2. Radiohead cover Portishead
OK, it's not that techy, but the original song features electronic elements and there's a MacBook Pro in shot so we're letting it in.

3. David Byrne plays the building
We gave you the info on this last week: now see the man himself helming his crazy architectural instrument.

4. Floppy disk drive plays Star Wars music
It seems it isn't just Radiohead's music that can be played on old computer gear: now listen to a floppy disk drive reciting Star Wars' Imperial March (via Synthtopia).

5. Roger Waters on the EMS Synthi AKS
Footage from 1972, with the Pink Floyd man playing this synth classic at Abbey Road (via Matrixsynth).


1. Buddy Rich/Jerry Lewis drum-off
Nutty comedy, and Rich is on fire back in the day.

2. Jose Pasilas from Incubus drum solo
Jose's intense drum solo at the band's Red Rocks gig in 2004.

3. How to play a snare drum juggle roll
If you're into your stick tricks, give this one a whirl.

4. Keith Moon drumming
With added goldfish. What a silly man.

5. Terry Bozzio's incredible drum kit
A time lapse film of his kit being set-up. "It's not about being or getting attention" he insists. Hmmm…

Still bored? Check out thishilarious interview from Ricky Gervais with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

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