The 10 most endorsement-hungry guitar heroes

In the light of Joe Satriani possibly jumping ship from Peavey to Marshall for his amplification needs as reported last week, we thought, just for fun, that we'd make a list of his endorsements over the years just to see how many entries we could come up with.

Four days later, we're still compiling a list, not just of Joe's deals but as many people we could think of as we found our research taking many twists and turns, leading us towards a number of other famous players...

In no particular order, what follows is a list of the 10 guitar heroes who we found to have had the most signature equipment over the years. Each entry details not necessarily the kit they use onstage, but the gear in the shops that bears their names.

Additions and corrections, as ever, are gratefully received. Hey, this is only supposed to be a bit of fun…

Richie Sambora

Fender guitars - signature Strats
Kramer guitars - signature RS
ESP guitars - LTD SA-2
Taylor acoustics - RSSM double-neck
Martin acoustics - OMC-41 Sambora, MC12-41
Ovation acoustics - double and triple-necks

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Joe Satriani

Peavey amps - JSX Series
Ibanez guitars - JS Series
Vox effects - Satchurator, Time Machine, Big Bad Wah
DiMarzio pickups - Fred, Mo'Joe, PAF Joe
Planet Waves - signature straps and picks

Steve Vai

Carvin amps - Legacy
Ibanez guitars - JEM Series
Ibanez effects - Jemini
Morley effects - Bad Horsie, Little Alligator
DiMarzio - signature cables
DiMarzio pickups - Evolution, Evo 2, Breed

Yngwie Malmsteen

Fender Guitars - signature Strats
DiMarzio pickups - Model J single-coil
DiMarzio straps - YJM signature cable & Clip Lock
DOD effects - YJM308 Yngwie
Dunlop picks - Malmsteen signatures
Dean Markley strings - signature set

Eddie Van Halen

Fender guitars - Frankenstein Replica
Charvel guitars - EVH models
Kramer guitars - various 5150 spares
Ernie Ball MusicMan guitars - EVH Axis
Peavey guitars - Wolfgang
EVH guitars - Wolfgang
EVH amps - 5150-III
EVH accessories - straps, shoes, picks, pickups, strings, cables
Dunlop effects - signature EVH wah
MXR effects - EVH flanger, EVH Phase 90

Brian May

Brian May Guitars - RS Special, BM Signature, BM Rhapsody acoustic
Vox amplification - AC30 Custom Limited Edition, VBM1
DigiTech effects - Red Special pedal
Greg Fryer effects - signature treble boosters
Burns guitars - BHM-1
Guild guitars - signature model
Burns pickups - signature Trisonic pickups

Zakk Wylde

Gibson guitars - signature Les Pauls
Epiphone - signature Les Pauls, ZV Custom
Marshall amps - JCM 2203ZW
EMG pickups - ZW set
MXR effects - ZW44 overdrive
Dunlop effects - ZW45 signature wah

Jimi Hendrix

(all posthumous...)
Fender guitars - myriad signature Strats
Marshall amps - Super 100JH
Dunlop effects - signature wah, Octavia, Fuzzface
DigiTech effects - JH Experience pedal
Dean Markley - signature strings

Kerry King

BC Rich guitars - KK signature models
Marshall amps - 2203KK head
EMG pickups - KFK set
MXR effects - KFK1 10-band graphic

John Jorgenson

Fender guitars - Hellecaster JJ signature
G&L guitars - ASAT John Jorgenson
Takamine guitars - JJ325SRC
Gitane - DG-320 John Jorgenson Signature
Paris Swing Company - JJ signature mandolin
Matchless amps - JJ30 combo
SWR - acoustic amps

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