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Supro goes large with Big Star 2x12 guitar amp and Titan cab

There's just no stopping Supro's deluge of new guitar amps. Mere weeks after the announcement of the 1600 Supreme, the 1688T Big Star 2x12 and Titan cab have broken cover.

The Big Star is the largest Supro 1964 Reissue amp in the range: a 25W, all-valve Class A combo packing two custom-designed 12" speakers.

Its two channels are wired in parallel, with the bass EQ on channel 1 voiced one octave below the second channel for huge low-end rumble, while a built-in tremolo circuit promises swampy tones.

The 75W closed-back Titan Extension Cabinet, meanwhile, is designed to complement the Titan 1x10 Combo, and features an Eminence-designed Supro HP12 hemp cone speaker.

Both the 1688T Big Star and Titan Extension Cabinet are available now for £1,499 and £389 respectively.