Space singer "not dead"

Tommy Scott is still alive
Tommy Scott is still alive

Do you remember the band Space? Well, they've just had their most press in years - but only because an April Fool joke claimed singer Tommy Scott had died.

A fake press release was sent out earlier this week, pretending to be from Scott's current label Antipop Records. It claimed that he had expired from heart failure at the age of 37, on 31 March.

Scott, now performing with The Drellas, immediately reacted angrily when local radio subsequently reported on his supposed death.

"Beyond a joke"

"I can't say how angry I am about this. I'm alive and well, but to have my mum believing I was dead was beyond a joke. I just can't believe this has happened. The phone hasn't stopped, but now we just want to find out who is responsible. There's going to be hell to pay".

Now he's told his local newspaper, The Liverpool Echo, about the family impact.

"My whole family thought I was dead, and I didn't know anything about it" Tommy Scott

Scott said: "I'm devastated. The first I knew my mum was on the phone in bits. She'd heard it on the radio and couldn't get through on the phone to me at first. As far as she knew, I was a dead man. My aunties all came round, my sisters were in tears.

"The whole family thought I was dead, and I didn't know anything about it. The only saving grace was that I was with my wife, so she was spared the upset. My little daughter was with us, watching the TV. She doesn't know anything about it - and I don't want her to. I don't want her to even think her daddy could be dead. She'd be terrified".

"I'm gutted"

He added that the culprit is yet to be identified: "They're investigating now to find out who did this - and why. I can't understand why anyone would do something like that, particularly so close to the Hillsborough anniversary. These jokers ought to be thinking about people who actually died in tragic circumstances, not hurting innocent people like this.

"There are real people who die every day from heart failure and this just makes a mockery of them. My mum, well my whole family, are still upset. I'm gutted. I really am".

Do you remember Tommy Scott? You do now.