Slash plays Star-Spangled Banner for gay marriage

Slash and his wife Perla. She speaks out, he rocks out.
Slash and his wife Perla. She speaks out, he rocks out.

Former GN'R and current Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash is the latest star to support gay marriage. This follows Proposition 8, the Californian ballot initiative restricting the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman, which voters passed on 4 November.

In a new YouTube video, Slash appears in the background playing the American national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner. Meanwhile, his wife Perla Hudson speaks out on behalf of same-sex unions.

She says: "I married my sweetheart, you should be able to marry yours too. Say no to hate, and yes to equal rights. Keep up the fight."

During Slash's time in Guns N' Roses, accusations of homophobia were levelled at the band, in particular frontman Axl Rose. This was in no small part down to the song One In A Million in which Rose uses the term "faggots", who are said to "spread some fucking disease".

These days it seems Slash is rocking out in support of a somewhat more positive message. Click here to see the video clip in full.