Slash composing score for This Is Not A Movie

Slash goes to the movies
Slash goes to the movies

Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash is getting his Ennio Morricone on and is composing the score for the Mexican film This Is Not A Movie, the second production written and directed by Olallo Rubio.

An English-language film, This Is Not A Movie is 100 percent independently financed with Mexican funds. After having filmed several scenes in Estudios Churubusco, Mexico City, production recently moved to Las Vegas.

"It's very cutting-edge, very artistic, and a little bit trippy," said Slash of the film. "It's dark, and jagged and a bit surreal, in and out of reality, you know?"

The writer and director, Olallo Rubio, stated about the movie, "The idea was to create a very eclectic psychedelic score with sounds generated by acoustic and electric guitars. I was looking for a guitarist with the ability to create very emotional music, but at the same time, the freedom to use any type of effects to explore different sounds. Slash was interested in the project, and so far he has composed the music for six segments, we're very excited with his work."

No doubt it'll be out before Chinese Democracy.

Joe Bosso

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