Seymour Duncan's Gear Experts contest

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This box could be yours

This box could be yours...

Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic

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 Or maybe this box

...Or maybe this box

Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem

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You could win this baby

You could win this baby...

Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster

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 Or maybe this one

...Or maybe this one...

Seymour Duncan Lava Box

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 Or this one

...Or this one

Seymour Duncan Power Grid

Everybody wants to be a YouTube star. And more than everybody wants to win Seymour Duncan stompboxes. Well, here's your chance to nail both. All you have to do is be creative in your very own video presentation.

Seymour Duncan is offering guitarists and bassists worldwide the chance to win prizes in an exclusive worldwide Gear Experts contest to be hosted on beginning May 1st.

The first step is to upload a unique product demonstration video for any Seymour Duncan, Duncan Designed, Antiquity, Custom Shop, Benedetto or Basslines pickup, or Seymour Duncan stompbox, to

Clips will be evaluated by an esteemed panel of international judges, including Seymour Duncan, guitarist Dino Canzares, Guitar World's Paul Riario, and Guitarist UK's Simon Bradley.

Each of the 10 first-place winners will receive their choice of a Twin Tube Classic or Twin Tube Mayhem stompbox. Twenty-five second-place winners will each be offered their choice of a Pickup Booster, Lava Box or Power Grid stompbox. Fifty third-place winners will receive a Seymour Duncan beanie (we think we might have a shot at this prize).

Any guitar or amp can be used for the review, and playing skill and technique are not as important as how the products are being showcased and demonstrated. Check out one or two of the many Seymour Duncan product demos already on YouTube for an idea of what to focus on.

Film and upload the clip to YouTube, then send the link via from May 1.

This contest is open to anyone who uses Seymour Duncan products regardless of where in the world they are so and Seymour Duncan will be announcing a dedicated micro site soon. There will even be a selection of logos and stencils there ready for use should the entry require a further touch of class.

The contest will end June 15 and the list of winners will be posted on the official SeymourDuncan website.