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Sammy Hagar says his reunion with Van Halen is "inevitable"

According to Sammy Hagar, you might see him on stage with Eddie Van Halen (they're pictured here in 2004) again someday. © Ethan Miller/Reuters/Corbis

Before the year is through, we should have brand-new releases from both Chickenfoot and Van Halen. The first group, of course, features singer Sammy Hagar while the second is now fronted by original vocalist David Lee Roth, whom Hagar replaced for nearly 20 years. Hagar is pleased as punch with Chickenfoot, but even so, he says it's "inevitable" he'll work with guitarist Eddie Van Halen again one day.

"Absolutely," he told the Artisan News Service when asked about a possible reunion with Van Halen. "I'm not predicting it. I just say… someday. We made too good of music together, Eddie and I, in Van Halen. We had such a great thing for a long time."

Discussing the troubles he encountered in Van Halen, Hagar said, "When it went sour, it went sour. It wasn't just because of us. There was a lot of outside forces. Our manager died and a new guy came in, and he just totally divided the band and conquered us.

"So I think there will come a time where Eddie's gonna wake up and go, 'Hey, man, I miss being friends with Sammy,' if nothing else, or, 'I would love to make that music again, or play those songs again.' 'Cause they have no choice - they've got Sam or they've got Dave. They can't find a new guy - they already tried that and it didn't work."

In Hagar's view, a reunion is "inevitable. If Eddie and Al [drummer Alex Van Halen] want to play music for the rest of their lives, someday they're gonna have to come and deal with me. I'm pretty easy to deal with. But right now, I'm so happy with what I'm doing with Chickenfoot… I hope they don't call me next week, I hope they don't call me next month, because I would have to say, 'Gee, I'm busy right now. I'm not gonna drop Chickenfoot for anything.' It's my favorite thing I've ever done in my life. I love this band!"

Rumours of a new Van Halen single dropping over the July 4th weekend were just that - rumours. Still, with David Lee Roth flashing a "Get Ready..." message on his website, it appears that some sort of movement is afoot. And word is that Chickenfoot will be releasing a new song, Bigfoot, within a few weeks. Their hotly anticipated sophomore album is due in the fall.

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