Robert Plant announces new album, Band Of Joy

Plant's new album has him filled with 'joy'
Plant's new album has him filled with 'joy' (Image credit: Alessandra Benedetti/Corbis)

Former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant is calling his new album Band Of Joy. And if that name strikes you as sounding somewhat familiar, there's a very good explanation: prior to joining the mighty Zep, Plant fronted a band called - you guessed it! - Band Of Joy.

Many people were expecting Plant's next release would find the vocalist again paired with bluegrass superstar Alison Krauss and producer T Bone Burnett - their 2007 disc Raising Sand was a multiple Grammy winner in 2009. But for Band Of Joy (due out internationally on 13 September), Plant co-produced the album with Buddy Miller (who also provides guitars and vocals) and worked with Patty Griffin (vocals), Darrell Scott (multi-instrumentalist/vocals), Byron House (bass/vocals) and Marco Giovino (drums).

Even so, Band Of Joy is said to be similar to the raw, organic Americana sound of Raising Sand, but with more of a rock edge.

Plant revealed that he recorded "24 songs in 15 days" for the record, adding that "the enthusiasm and rebirth of everybody involved was fucking phenomenal. It stretched us all."

Although it is unclear at this time whether Band Of Joy is merely the name of Plant's album or if he's re-assembling a new group (with Griffin and Miller) under that moniker, the singer is hitting the road for a 12-city US tour to begin 13 July in Memphis. Further dates are set to follow in the fall.

Joe Bosso

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