Remix Radiohead's Reckoner

It would seem that Radiohead love their remix competitions.
It would seem that Radiohead love their remix competitions.

Radiohead are set to give fans a chance to remix Reckoner, a track from their In Rainbows album.

As you may recall, the band previously allowed people to go to work on Nude, a single from In Rainbows, with the best remixes appearing on the Radiohead Remixed website.

This promotion (if that's what you want to call it) proved to be highly successful, so MusicRadar isn't surprised to see it being repeated. It's being suggested that punters will have access to six Reckoner stem files (Lead Vocal, Backing Vocal, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano/Strings), though whether these will again be available exclusively through Apple's iTunes Music Store remains to be seen.

What's more, Radiohead haven't confirmed whether the full version of Reckoner will actually be released as a single.

The Radiohead Remixed website now features a message encouraging people to check back on Tuesday, so we're assuming that all will be revealed tomorrow (UPDATE) seven remixes by such luminaries as James Holden, Diplo, Flying Lotus, Julianna Barwick, Lord Skywave (ex-Simian), Iskra String Quartet and Ring Trick (SF IDM types). For our money, the Holden and Flying Lotus mixes are sounding the best of a decent bunch but expect a whole lot more as the blogosphere wakes up.

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