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Randall announces G3 Plus series amplifiers

The 300-watt RH300G3Plus head retails at $849.90 in the US
The 300-watt RH300G3Plus head retails at $849.90 in the US

Following the high-profile launch of its Kirk Hammett signature amplifiers at NAMM 2008, Randall has announced details of a series of heads, combos and cabinets designed for players a little further down the food chain than the Metallica guitarist.

The G3 Plus Series of guitar amplifiers utilises the tone circuit of the company´s existing V2 & T2 amplifiers and couples it with what Randall is referring to as ‘Valve DynamicT´, essentially a hybrid valve and MOSFET circuit.

The range includes three high-powered heads and five combos, equipped with Celestion Seventy 80 speakers and starting at $649.90 (US RRP) for the 100-watt, 1x12 RG75G3Plus combo. Four new extension cabinets are also available, starting at $399.90 (US RRP).

For more details, visit the official Randall Amplifiers website.