Queen and Paul Rodgers reveal album artwork

The Cosmos Rocks... but will the new Queen album do likewise?
The Cosmos Rocks... but will the new Queen album do likewise?

Given Brian May's love of all things astronomical, MusicRadar isn't exactly surprised to learn that Queen and Paul Rodgers new album is called The Cosmos Rocks.

The record will be released on September 15 (October 14 in the US) and features cover art by award-winning photographer Edgar Martins. Fans will be treated to 13 new tracks, all of which were written by Brian May, Roger Taylor and Paul Rodgers.

Writing on their website, the threesome say that the album is the sound of "People really, truly playing together in the studio - you don't get that much these days. But, you will get it on the new Queen and Paul Rodgers album."

The full tracklisting hasn't yet been released, but reports suggest that it will feature the songs Say It's Not True, C-lebrity, We Believe, Call Me, Whole House Rocking and The Cosmos Rocks.

C-lebrity was previewed earlier this year on comedian Al Murray's UK TV show.

(Via Idolator)

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