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Peavey's ReValver ACT modules allow you to "clone the sound of any guitar amp in the world"

ReValver 4 made Peavey a serious contender in the guitar plugin game, and the addition of Audio Cloning Technology in its latest modules could boost its reputation even further.

Two modules are available: Combo and Rack - Combo combines ReValver modelling with ACT tone shaping to match the gain and tone of a target amp.

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Rack, meanwhile, offers a matching EQ to analyse the frequency spectrum of an audio file or DAW track, allowing your track to match the sound of the source - it works with everything from guitar tracks to a master mix bus.

You can see the modules in action in the videos above, and although the process looks a little convoluted, we have to admit, the results are impressive.

Even more impressive are the prices: $39.99 for ACT Combo and $19.99 for ACT Rack. Both are available to download now from the Peavey ReValver site.