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Oasis' Noel Gallagher blogs about big booze-up

Dig Out Your Liver?
Dig Out Your Liver?

Just today, MusicRadar gave you Noel Gallagher's self-assessment of his own guitar skills: "I'm average at fucking best," he said in a joint interview with pal Paul Weller, who agreed, calling Gallagher's playing "rudimentary."

Now, we at MusicRadar disagree strongly. Gallagher is a fine, gritty guitarist, who plays what a song needs and no more. But while he might be blessed with tasteful restraint on his instrument, when it comes to bending the elbow, look out!

Perhaps if he stuck to a little more tea and less of the hard stuff, he might feel better as far as his guitars skills go.

To wit, we bring you a recent blog entry Gallagher wrote on the Oasis website, in which he runs down his bar tab after a hard day's night.

"All came to a colossal € 708.40. Bargain" Noel Gallagher, appraising his incredible bar tab from the night before

"Urgh! Me head today"

"Had a bit of a smash-up last night Where? But an Irish bar of course. Me and Cool Prophet (Gem) were the last ones left at it - again! So I got left with the bar bill - which I've just found in my pocket. It reads as follows:"

29 pints of Guinness
16 pints of Strongbow
6 pints of Jupiler (whatever the fuck that is!)
4 pints of Heineken
3 Gordon's gin
5 Sauza Tequila
12 Bacardis
11 Vodka Stolis
14 Jameson whiskey
10 Bushmills Malt
16 bottles of Coke
7 bottles of tonic
4 7-Up
…and this is the killer: 1 glass of Port and a packet of Cheese and Onion crisps!!?? All came to a colossal € 708.40. Bargain."

In US dollars, that's approximately $991.12! We're not sure if this includes a generous tip, as Gallagher left that bit of business out.

But one thing's clear: when it comes to enjoying one's adult beverages, he's not a 'definitely maybe' type.