Now we've seen everything: The ChroniCaster

He just found the "magic chord"
He just found the "magic chord"

Tired of waiting for the end of the gig to get your party on? The ChroniCaster Bong Guitar may be the answer. Mike Edison, former editor of High Times magazine, seems to think so.

In this amazing and highly entertaining clip, Edison, who sports an appropriate leopard fez and sunglasses, waxes effusive about the unique applications of the Chronicaster - a custom model put together by Joe Naylor of Reverend Guitars. He shows off the instrument's transparent body ("made of high-impact, bullet-proof Plexiglas") and points out that it "pulls easily for a good smoke."

But the real fun starts when Edison fires up the P90s and some special "Halle Berry." As the guitar's chambered body fills with smoke, the former High Timesman blasts off in more ways than one. While it is true that his riffing abilities might not keep Slash up nights, the important thing is that Edison is clearly living the dream. And dreaming what he lives.

By Joe Bosso


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