Noel Gallagher begins work on debut solo album?

Is Noel currently holed up in an LA studio next door to You Me At Six?
Is Noel currently holed up in an LA studio next door to You Me At Six?

You don't have to have as many followers as Charlie Sheen to see your tweets become news headlines. Just ask You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi, who yesterday revealed to his 90,000 or so followers on Twitter that his band are currently occupying the studio next door to Noel Gallagher in Los Angeles.

"Can hear Noel from Oasis blasting his new tunes from the studio next door. Absolutely mental", said Franceschi. Of course, there's nothing to stop one of the MusicRadar team tweeting along similar lines, but a) it definitely wouldn't be true, and b) we doubt that would run a news story about it.

We're sure that Noel would be quick to point out that he's no longer "from Oasis," but if he has indeed begun work on a much-anticipated first solo album then we hope that he still has the kind of songs in the tank that can melt the hardest of hearts.

Last Shadow Puppets co-frontman Miles Kane has already revealed that he'll be contributing guitar to the album. Meanwhile, there are certainly enough unreleased Noel Gallagher songs on YouTube to keep fans busy speculating about the material that might feature.

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