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NIN relaunch remix website

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has relaunched the NIN Remix website, which allows fans to upload their own mixes of the band's songs. The site provides master recordings of NIN material, enabling fans to remix the songs, upload them, and have them rated by other members of the community.

Although Universal - owner of the band's former label Interscope - pulled the website just a few days before, Reznor has launched the site by hosting it on his own web servers.

The site was originally pulled because Universal are suing Myspace and Youtube for users uploading copyrighted material to the websites. The label therefore decided they couldn't support Reznor's site as there was a chance users could use samples that Universal don't own in their remixes, and upload them to the site. Universal didn't want to be seen supporting activity on its own websites that it says is illegal (under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act) on other websites.

While Reznor voiced concerns over hosting the website himself due to the legal implications, he has launched the site regardless, which he hopes will become the place "for all fan remix material and other interactive fan experiences."

You can read Reznor's comments on the site here, or visit the Nine Inch Nails remix website.