New Vox Valvetronix amps and amPlugs

The VT series lands in October in four configurations
The VT series lands in October in four configurations

The popular Vox Valvetronix range is to be joined by new VT series combos featuring 22 amp models and 22 'song presets' that simulate famous guitarists' signature tones.

Available in 15, 30, 50 and 100-watt combo configurations, the VT series guitar amplifiers utilise the same Vox Valve Reactor hybrid technology that integrates a 12AX7 valve into a digital modelling circuit.

There are 66 presets in total including those based on the sounds of famous artists, while 12 effects ice the sonic cake. Available from October, prices are TBC at present but we'll keep you posted.

In addition, Vox has also announced two new versions of one of the coolest pocket-friendly practice tools out there; the amPlug. Lead gives you, you guessed it, high-gain lead sounds with digital delay, while the Bass version delivers a full-range bass sound with a compressor/boost effect.

The amPlugs land in November, with prices also TBC at the time of writing.

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