MusicRadar Playlist: 22 November

This week's creature-filled Playlist is arguably more of a look back than a look forward, perhaps it's a symptom of the sentimentality that comes with the end of the year on the horizon. Nonetheless, the tracks are all still great.

Hookworms - Form & Function

So far, the world hasn't acquiesced to the raging psychedelic powers of this Leeds-based quintet. Perhaps it's their name - not exactly the kind of thing girls will take to writing on their notebooks (that is, if girls still do that sort of this). Icky monikers aside, the group's music gets under your skin and stays there. Their debut album, Pearl Mystic, is freaky-deaky shoegaze rock on steroids, and word is that the follow-up could be upon us soon. We'll be waiting. (Joe Bosso)

Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough

Fresh off the back of his phenomenal stint in partnership with Solange, British songwriter Dev Hynes returns to his solo alias Blood Orange for new album Cupid's Deluxe. The album itself is a little patchy, only hitting the highs of his collaborative work in places, but when it does - as on the track above - it's absolutely excellent. (Si Truss)

Monty Python - Finland

In honour of the Python's return to the stage, I humbly present this haunting ode to Finland, which as we all know, has it all. Surprisingly delicate, and featuring a guitar part that has influenced into every piece of music I've ever made. (Rob Power)

Michael Jackson - Thriller (video)

About to celebrate its 30th birthday, there's not much more you can say about John Landis's epic Thriller promo: it changed the game for music videos forever. Probably best just to set aside 14 minutes and watch the whole thing again. (Ben Rogerson)

Topper - Something To Tell Her

I've been skirting over the history of Welsh pop music for all sorts of strange reasons this week, and this is one gem I keep coming back to. Topper were on the Welsh language Ankst, and although they later became slightly bland, this really sums up a period in which they were a magical, psych-pop band with ace melodies. (Ric Rawlins)

The Beatles - I'll Follow The Sun

It's always good to hear a live version of a Beatles song I've only ever known from vinyl, so thanks Live At The BBC Volume 2. Macca's vocal is incredibly sweet, and the whole thing is a lesson in brevity and economy that any songwriter could learn from. (RP)

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