MusicRadar Playlist: 15 November

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It's Friday, which means it's time for another edition of the MusicRadar Playlist, our rundown of the new, old and criminally-overlooked tunes that have graced our office stereo this week.

BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Doctor Who Theme

I've been getting revved up for the Doctor's 50th anniversary by revisiting his old theme tunes. I love the fact that the BBC Radiophonic Workshop are sort-of to blame for electronic music, and that Orbital later reworked the Doctor Who theme. The best version for me is from 1983: the backwards guitars are really scary! (Ric Rawlins)

Broken Bells - Holding On For Life

I've been in awe of James Mercer's voice for ages, and he's finally gone full Bee Gee in the new Broken Bells single. The sound of a depressed disco robot, Holding On For Life reunites the Shins frontman with Danger Mouse. The first Broken Bells album was a thing of beauty and I'm guessing this one will be too. (Rob Power)

The Beatles - If I Fell

Decades before Auto-Tune could turn non-singers into stars, The Beatles appeared weekly on various BBC radio programs and knocked out gorgeous two- and three-part harmonies like they were changing their socks. And way before Top Gear meant race cars, it was one of the shows that the Fabs would frequent, as they did on July 16, 1964, which resulted in this breathtaking rendition of If I Fell. The voices - John is melancholic and vulnerable, while Paul isn't afraid to plead in the bridge - could bring even the Everly Brothers to tears. From the just-released On Air - Live At The BBC Volume 2 collection. (Joe Bosso)

Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones - Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine

I suspect that my overwhelming love of the Everly Brothers is guiding my hand here, but I really don't care. Billie and Norah absolutely nail the harmonies, the production is uncluttered and clean with a slight crackle, and the guitars sound wobbly at exactly the right time. I'm actually looking forward to the full Foreverly album now rather than dreading it. (RP)

Lily Allen - Hard Out Here

I'll leave the rest of the internet to debate the rights and wrongs of the video and simply say that Lily Allen's comeback single proper (that Keane cover doesn't really count) is one of the catchiest of the year. It's stuffed with hooks, and the seemingly Rick James-inspired groove works like a charm. One question, though: are the Auto-Tuned bits satire as well, or just a bit misjudged? (Ben Rogerson)

A. Human / Take Me Home

I've been revisiting London's indie-disco trio A. Human recently and it occurred to me that Take Me Home is one of the best pop song of the last five years. However! It's criminally unknown, so let's readdress that balance. (RR)

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