Muse give away free live track, Fury

"So... shall we do an album yet?"
"So... shall we do an album yet?"

Epic-rockers Muse are offering a free download of a live track on their website. The song, titled Fury, dates back to 2003 when it appeared on the Japanese release of Absolution.

A previous live performance of Fury was released on Muse's Absolution Tour DVD, but the newly-available version was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year.

Fury is the third 'release' from the Muse camp since their last studio album (2006's Black Holes & Revelations), the others being a leaked collaboration with The Streets' Mike Skinner and HAARP, their album/DVD package of 2007's Wembley shows.

Where's album five?

Muse have never been afraid of releasing live albums and DVDs - in fact they've released three compared to four studio records - and we've never accused them of 'selling out' for doing so (nor will we, ever).

But with fans - MusicRadar included - eagerly awaiting album five (which, according to the band, won't be ready for a while), is the release of yet another live track just something to keep us quiet?

Not that we're being overly grumpy and complaining about free stuff, of course…

Head to Muse's website to get Fury.