Mudvayne team up with Ticketmaster, we're unimpressed

A free Mudvayne ticket might look like this...
A free Mudvayne ticket might look like this...

In an effort to shift more copies of upcoming LP The New Game, metal bods Mudvayne have teamed up with Best Buy and Ticketmaster to create The Album Is The Ticket project. Fans who pre-order the album through Best Buy will receive access to a private fan club, where they can purchase a ticket for the band's 2008 tour before anyone else.

For hardcore fans, this is great. But, for everyone else, when a headline reads: "Pre-order The New Game here to get your tickets to see Mudvayne," we expect more. Like, a free ticket. Now that really would be groundbreaking.

The Album Is The Ticket follows on from another one of Ticketmaster's hare-brained schemes: the paperless ticket.

The New Game tracklisting:

1. Fish Out Of Water
2. Have It Your Way
3. A New Game
4. Dull Boy
5. Do What You Do
6. The Hate In Me
7. Scarlet Letters
8. Same Ol?
9. Never Enough
10. A Cinderella Story
11. We The People

Pre-order here.

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