Movie planned about AC/DC singer Bon Scott

Actors? Nope, it's Angus Young and Bon Scott
Actors? Nope, it's Angus Young and Bon Scott

Nearly 30 years after his death, the wild life of AC/DC singer Bon Scott is on its way to the big screen.

The yet-to-be-titled movie is still in the early stages of development. Filmmaker Eddie Martin is still conducting research for the script, meeting with friends of Scott and the late singer's wife, Irene.

According to, Australian actor Tom Budge is the front-runner for the part of guitarist Angus Young, but Scott is yet to be cast.

"Bon's friends aren't happy with the books...We want to go much deeper with the movie" filmmaker Eddie Martin

Books about Scott said to be inaccurate

Through his research and conversations, Martin has learned that Scott's friends feel none of the many books written about AC/DC accurately reflect Scott's story. "Obviously we have gone through most of them, but talking to Bon's friends, they aren't happy with the books and feel they have been misrepresented," he says. "We want to go much deeper with the movie."

Martin says shooting for the film will likely begin within the next 18 months, but it will probably be three years or more before the movie is actually released.

One person Martin is especially eager to locate a former girlfriend of Scott who went by the nickname Silver. "She is definitely the one person we want to find," he says. "She was an Adelaide girl who lived with him in London after he broke up with Irene."

Singer died just as band was achieving success

Bon Scott was born in Scotland on 9 July 9 1946 and relocated with his family to Australia in 1952. He died in 1980, at age 33, after a night of heavy drinking. At the time of his death AC/DC's Highway to Hell was cracking the Top 20 in the US.

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