Metallica out of contract, consider internet release

Lars: handy
Lars: handy

Metallica's Lars Ulrich is considering "an internet thing" for the band's next album and follow-up to Death Magnetic. Let's presume that Ulrich is referring to a web-based release model à la 'doing a Radiohead.' A surprise, considering Metallica don't like the internet very much…

"We're free of our record contract," the drummer told Rolling Stone. "We have that element of complete freedom with the next record, so we can do whatever we want. We could do an internet thing…"

Ulrich went on to suggest using an independent record label - another snub for the traditional method from one of the world's biggest bands.

"We could do an internet thing" Lars Ulrich

Regardless, the behemoths of rock are at least considering embracing an area that's caused them so much grief in the past. A legal spat with Napster, censored fan reviews and a leaky album have made Metallica look slightly prehistoric. It'll be interesting to see how much of that stemmed from cautious record label execs, now that the band are out of contract.

Next album

Unfortunately for fans, new record talk is just hearsay for now: "I wouldn't hold my breath for another Metallica record. I'm still decompressing and coming down from the whole experience of the last one, but if we spit one out every four or five years that's not so bad."

It's ironic, then, that it was a distinct lack of 'decompressing' during Death Magnetic's recording time that led to a very 'over-compressed' final cut. Arf.

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