Little Giants offer impressive wattage in small packages

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The 350 watt Little Giant

The 350-watt Little Giant
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The 1000 watt Little Giant

The 1000-watt Little Giant
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The rear panel offers flexible connectivity

The rear panel offers flexible connectivity

The old adage that 'it´s not the size that counts, it´s what you do with it' is clearly at the forefront of the minds of the designers at Ashdown.

Small enough to fit into the front pocket of the average bass guitar gig bag, the new Ashdown Little Giant 350 and 1000 bass amplifiers weigh in at just 6.6 and 7.7lbs respectively but are certainly no lightweights in the tone department.

Both the 350 watt (green) and 1000 Watt (orange) models measure just 8.27" x 2.6" x 12.2" (including an internal power supply), but pack in an impressive range of features including switchable active/passive instrument inputs, seven-band semi-parametric EQ, deep and shape switches for instant access to killer sounds and an EQ in/out switch, along with an input level control and meter and output level control.

Around the back, you also get a pre/post switchable balanced DI output, an FX loop, line in and out and a pair of combination Speakon/jack speaker outputs.

US RRP for the Little Giant 350 is $499.99, while the 1000 model is $599.99. For more information, visit the official Ashdown website.