Line 6 announces M9 stompbox modeller

PRESS RELEASE: Line 6, the industry leader in digital modeling technology for music creation products, announced today the launch of its new M9 Stompbox Modeler, a portable and powerful multi-effect unit that gives guitarists access to a comprehensive collection of historic stompbox tones.

"M9 Stompbox Modeler channels the souls of celebrated modern and vintage stompboxes," remarks Line 6 product manager Mike Murphy. "It's a no-nonsense and easy to use pedal, just like the original stompboxes, but it has great updated features like true bypass and a 28-second looper with dedicated controls."

Over 85 sought-after stompbox effects are packed inside M9 Stompbox Modeler, including many from the world-famous DL4™ delay modeler and other best-selling Line 6 pedals. The collection includes juicy delays, vibey reverbs, tangy mods, sweeping filters, essential distortions, compressors and more. M9 Stompbox Modeler can run three effects simultaneously. To accommodate the most subtle or grand changes in tone or dynamics, each of its three channel-strip-style FX Units can have two effects at the ready, each effect with a dedicated footswitch. Six different arrangements of effects, or "scenes," can be created.

Inspired by the simplest stompboxes, M9 Stompbox Modeler is incredibly easy to use. Each effect parameter can be accessed in real time with dedicated knobs and an easy-to-read LCD window. There's no digging for menus, no saving, no hassles.

Complete with a full-featured 28-second looper, M9 Stompbox Modeler allows for extended in-the-moment looping. Each looper function, including Record Record/Overdub, Play/Stop, Play Once, Undo/Redo, Half Speed and Reverse, boasts a dedicated footswitch. Looping has never been easier.

M9 Stompbox Modeler features 1/4" mono and stereo inputs and outputs, MIDI in and out and two expression pedal inputs for added control and functionality. Plus, with its rugged construction designed to endure, M9 Stompbox Modeler can withstand the rigors of the road and the demands of the working musician.

M9 Stompbox Modeler - £378.35 MSRP

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