LIMS 09: essential day one highlights



Welcome to the London International Music Show 2009! It's day one, and we've already transformed from what can only be described as 'organised chaos' into the shining example of an exhibitor stand you can see above.

We've tirelessly traversed our first few laps of the show floor (we only stopped to jam for a moment, honest) checking out the very finest in new product along the way. The spoils of which are after the jump… now, another lap. Before the likes of Steve Vai and Nicko McBrain (and the hoards of Iron Maiden fans) turn up for the weekend!

Day one highlights

VIDEO: Yamaha S70 XS keyboard
This 76-note beauty, and the 88-note S90 feature 'hammer-effect' keyboards for that authentic piano-like feel. Demo legend Bert Smorenburg gives us the lowdown…

VIDEO: Focusrite Saffire Pro 24
Promising 'the best quality of any interface at its £250 price point', it's a 16-in/8-out box that also sports MIDI I/O

The Space Trainer
A blissfully simple tuition aid for beginner guitarists: a clip-on frame guides your fretting hand to the right position from the off. Finally!

TC Electronic Classic450 bass amp
Backed with TC's Tubetone and multiband SpectraComp technology, the Classic450 promises a wide range of classic tones

New pedals from MXR
Bass Octave Deluxe and Custom Shop '76 Vintage Dyna Comp

From the basement…

Roland V-Piano: 'look but don't touch'

The MusicRadar Summer Collection

Organised chaos

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