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Learn millions of guitar songs with Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready

PRESS RELEASE: Optek Music Systems, makers of the Fretlight guitar and Arobas Music, creators of the Guitar Pro guitar tab software, have announced the release of Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready. For the first time, guitar players can view tablature using Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready while watching the fingering positions light up on their Fretlight's fretboard. Players can now download a limitless number of guitar songs all of which can light up a Fretlight Guitar.

"Our hope and belief is that our customers will love this partnership because it proposes a new way to learn an infinite number of songs on the guitar," said Langé Jean Michel, Vice President of Marketing at Arobas Music. "The Fretlight guitar can help guitarists play the tabs they download every day."

Millions of guitar tabs are available online from dozens of websites. Simply download the file, connect your Fretlight to your PC or Mac, and watch the song come to life on the guitar's fretboard. The lights showcase the exact fingering position on the guitar while the software displays the tab notation on-screen so that you always have a reference of where you are in the song. Use the Fretlight footswitch to be hands-free and control playback features such as slowing down the tempo, pausing playback, looping a desired part and more.

"The Fretlight and Guitar Pro are a natural fit," said Rusty Shaffer, CEO of Optek Music Systems. "Connecting the Fretlight's learning system with industry standard tablature is a significant step, it allows guitar players, from beginner to advanced, to access and play virtually any song imaginable. There simply isn't an easier way to learn!"

Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready is available in 18 languages and includes the following key features:

  • Compatible with six different guitar tab file types
  • Light-up tablature in tab, chord diagram or scale mode
  • Light other instrument parts on the Fretlight, such as bass or piano
  • Connect the Fretlight dual footswitch for a hands-free experience
  • Facilitate learning or composing a piece with the power score player
  • Create and edit scores quickly and easily
  • Includes chord and scale libraries, digital tuner, virtual fretboard and keyboard
  • Download and share thousands of guitar songs in a variety of file formats
  • Export tablature as a MIDI file
  • Convert ASCII into tablature or Guitar Pro files into an audio file

Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and is available immediately as a limited trial download. The cost of the full version is $79.95 and can be purchased at For existing Guitar Pro 5 or Guitar Pro 6 users, upgrade pricing is available.

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