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Keeley Electronics combines modulation, octave and fuzz with Monterey guitar multi-effects pedal

Keeley's Workstation line of multi-effects pedals has us intrigued - so much so that we featured several in our round-up of NAMM 2016's best effects pedals - and the Monterey is the latest to join the range.

Offering three types of modulation (rotary, uni-vibe and harmonic wah), as well as octave up/down and fuzz, the Monterey shoots for Hendrixian blues and rock tones, as you can hear in the vibe-y demo video above.

Rate, depth and volume control the modulation effects - adjustable via an external expression pedal - while the fuzz side uses vintage 1960s Fairchild transistors for a wide range of smooth fuzz textures. You can switch the order of the effects internally, too.

The Monterey is handmade, true bypass and available now for $299.