John Mayer autographed BlackBerry Curve for sale on eBay

This BlackBerry is a wonderland
This BlackBerry is a wonderland

John Mayer plays a mean guitar. John Mayer also dates women like Jennifer Aniston (among others). But buck up - you can buy an AT&T BlackBerry Curve autographed by John Mayer. Ain't life sweet?

The item in question is curently on sale on eBay.

Here's the seller's description:

New, AT&T Blackberry Curve 8310 autographed by JOHN MAYER on his 2008 summer tour. I was in a call-in radio contest. I won the Blackberry curve, VIP tickets to the concert, got to sit in on his sound check, and got to meet him (obviously) as well. Note, Blackberry is his sponsor on his summer tour. The sound check was awesome, Jennifer Anniston was sitting in like the 6th row stage left. She was mesmerized by his playing...too bad they broke up : )

John Mayer fans tried to accept him - they stuck with him when the pop singer-songwriter turned bluesy and started collaborating with Kanye West. They believed in him with Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Jessica Simpson, and then the other Jennifer. But it's his tech infidelity that ultimately alienated some fans. After launching the iPhone, after the cute sets at Apple conferences, after saying what Steve Jobs does is "like the opposite of terrorism." Mayer turned around and endorsed BlackBerry. The end of Apple, the end of Aniston - this autographed BlackBerry says it all.

The current bid is $199.99. Don't get left out in the cold. If you want to own this priceless artifact, here's the eBay link to get in on the action.

And remember, "Say what you mean to say."

Joe Bosso

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