Jack White sci-fi spoof movie set for screening

Mutant Swinger From Mars, a 1998 sci-fi spoof featuring a young Jack White, finally sees the light of day in July. Although a work-in-progress screening took place back in 2003, San Diego Comic-Con - 23-26 July - will feature the official premiere.

Rocking the haircut he sported while playing with Detroit garage rockers The Go, White's short appearance in Mutant Swinger From Mars sees him feature as wisecracker Mikey. Web rumours suggest that White may have filmed a new intro for the premiere, but there's no official word yet.

Here's the trailer:

Meanwhile, White's most recent project The Dead Weather are also set for for silver screen this month. The short for Treat Me Like Your Mother - directed by Radiohead collaborator Jonathan Glazer - will premiere in the US on Cinemax on 11 July at 9:55pm, and continue to air on all of the Cinemax multiplex channels for the following five weeks.

Treat Me Like Your Mother airs in the UK on 13 July on Channel 4 at 00:10. White commented: "I've never felt an intensity like I did on the set of this shoot. Absolutely violent, explosive, and poetic."

Check out the very cool trailer here.

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