Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy TV spots start airing

You can't escape it...
You can't escape it...

With just one day to go in the presidential race, a Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy TV commercial has aired that is overtly political in nature.

The Guns N' Roses ad, which ran over the weekend on Saturday Night Live (which just so happened to feature a guest appearance from Republican presidential hopeful John McCain), is also set to run tonight (3 November) during Monday Night Football on ESPN in the US.

After the above message, the commercial runs through a rapid-fire succession of words such as "black" and "white," "man" and "woman," "Democrat" and "Republican." Subtle it isn't. But when you've spent 14 years and $30 million making an album, nuance isn't a luxury you can afford.

And in case you were wondering where you can pick up a copy, now you know:

Click here to see the TV commercial in its entirety.

UPDATE: MusicRadar's Chinese Democracy review.